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AFE Power

Considering that diesel engines requires more air than gas engines, you need a system that boosts the airflow and filtration process. Since diesel enginesare used in vehicles involved with towing and racing, supporting the airflow with the AFE Power products is extremely important.

AFE Power Products

At Diesel Addict, we offer a vast range of AFE Power products that include the cold air intakes, power intakes, exhaust manifolds, throttle body spacers, tuners, scorchers, power glide guard, fuel filters, and mufflers. Other key AFE Power products include the delete pipe, bladerunner intercooler, EGR cooler, exhaust tips, and wastegate actuators. If you want better towing performance, then AFE has these products for you: the 68RFE transmission pan, pro guard 7 power packs, special air filters, bladerunner turbo, and torque booster tubes.

Longevity and Durability

Considering the strenuous activities that the AFE enthusiasts undertake, there is always a risk of putting the ride on the line. AFE Power knows that the durability of your engine depends on the quality of the air that circulates it. Their products can help you to improve the performance of your truck if you want to handle the menial tasks off the road. AFE guarantees the maximum cleaning of your engine through the latest airflow and filtration systems.