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The GM diesel engine is designed with sophistication and nature in mind. The ability to amplify the performance without hurting the environment is unmatched. The powerful GM diesel performance features excellent torque, great horsepower, and unique towing capabilities that suit the nature enthusiasts.

Fuel efficiency

Having a large engine does not always mean sacrificing the fuel economy. The GM engine achieves an impressive 46 mpg on the interstate and 27 mpg in the city. The GM diesel car is one of the greatest choices for a family car, the daily commute, and a truck for your weekend escapade.


The GM diesel performance depends on the powerful turbocharger that recycles the exhaust fumes. Since the turbocharging process does not involve using the accelerator, the fuel consumption remains constant while the power increases.

Piston design

The GM pistons are designed to streamline the movement of oil within the engine to maximize the lubrication process. By combining the streamlined piston design with a powerful oil pump, the manufacturers have improved the performance and durability of the GM engine significantly.

Self-cleaning technology

As the standard engine ages, it slowly collects dirt and grime on its walls. The GM engine comes with self-cleaning technology that involves injecting raw fuel on the sides to eliminate the dirt. With nine fuel injectors dedicated to this mission, you will enjoy the unmatched performance of your GM engine for decades. Evidently, Dodge will stay at the top of the power podium for a long time.