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SCT Performance

If your car’s torque and horsepower are way below your expectations, you need an SCT tuner to get everything in good working order. Besides increasing the torque and horsepower, this tuner is quite easy to use, since it comes with back-lit LCD display. You can get an SCT diesel products for any model and take advantage of the USB interface cable, and built-in Wi-Fi. You can also get a versatile SCT tuner that is customizable to meet the needs of your car, whatever the model. In addition, the installation process is quite easy.

Digital and analog inputs

The tuners are available in both digital and dual analog inputs, meaning that they suit the old and new vehicles perfectly. The versatility of the SCT diesel products is unmatched since they allow over 10 combinations and permutations that avail plenty of possibilities that match your requirements and budget. In fact, a tuned engine operates way below its maximum potential, meaning that you do not have to overwork your engine.

Increasing the horsepower

Once you tune your diesel engine, you will notice an increase in the power and a reduction in the smoke. The tuner also helps to correct the flaws in the catalytic converters, and cooling systems. A competent technician will help you to tune up your car without invalidating the warranties on the existing parts. Tuning up your diesel engine with the SCT diesel products tuner is a great way to improve the horsepower without hurting the reliability of your engine.