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Chip tuning is a method of modifying a programmable chip in a car’s electronic control unit (ECU) to improve the performance, reduce the toxic emissions, and improve the fuel economy. The engine manufacturers rely on the electronic control unit map in the smarty diesel products to undertake a vast array of variations and correct the flaws that arise due to poor quality fuel.

Take advantage of ECU tuning program

By remapping the vehicles engine with new configurations, you can stay on top of the maintenance schedules and reduce the cost of maintenance. Smarty diesel products also help to control several aspects of the engine that suit your budget and driving preferences. It is possible to update the software and make it easy to undertake the engine diagnostics easily. As the technology evolves, there is no limit to what you can do with the ECU tuning software.

Take control

The programmable chips control every nuance in your automobile. From setting the idle speed to regulating the fuel:air ratios, you can rely on this state-of-the-art system to balance your carburetor and correct the faults in the distributor point gaps. Whether you are setting up a racing car or improve your conventional engine, the smarty diesel products have everything you need.

In case your engine is not burning with all cylinders, a technician can correct the faults by looking at the ECU. The modern engine comes with the electronic fuel injection system that is automated to respond to the changes in the ECU.