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Whenever you need some quality fasteners for your truck, ARP products are the perfect choice. Whether you need to fasten the mudguards or any other hardware, you can rely on the authenticity of ARP products.

Hold the Heavy Parts Together

Considering the weight of the different parts of your engine, having reliable bolts is the key to avoiding the vibrations that could be risky. ARP has a broad range of bolts for fastening the major parts such as the flywheel, cylinder head, pressure plate, and mounting the engine. With the ARP fasteners, you’ll have the confidence to hit the road since you know that your truck is safe and secure.

Apply Lube on the Bolts and Studs

The fasteners need some lube to avoid damaging the threads while screwing the ARP products. Besides moving freely, the lube helps to clamp the fasteners firmly. ARP provides the lube to help tighten up the loose ends and prevent the pitfalls.

Avoid Used Fasteners

Used fasteners might show some signs of corrosion or wear. Since ARP offers the fasteners at a fair price, you do not have to reuse the old bolts. Remember that if something goes wrong, the cost of repair can be huge compared to the cost of installing a set of new ARP fasteners.