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Bully Dog

When it comes to optimizing the performance of your engine, Bully Dog has everything you need. With Bully Dog products, you can get high performance parts for your diesel engine that can handle whatever your ride throws at it. Bully Dog undertakes a comprehensive tune-up process that gives your engine enough torque and power to make the earth rumble. With a vast array of innovative products, you can transform your truck into a powerhouse that can do anything in all sorts of conditions or terrain.

Bully Dogcold air intake is designed to lower the temperature of the air that enters your engine to increase the power of your engine. Since cold air is denser than warm air, it holds more oxygen even under humid conditions. As the oxygen increases, the combustion improves so you get more horsepower without hurting the fuel efficiency. With nitrous kits from Bully Dog, you can reduce the exhaust temperatures. If you recycle the cold exhaust temperatures with your turbocharger, you get more torque compared to using the hot exhaust temperatures.