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Cometic Gasket

Cometic Gasket offer several options when it comes to gaskets and engine sealing solutions that include the aluminum foam material and the aramid fiber. When manufacturing the gaskets, Cometic utilizes three layers of steel: the outer layers have special rubber linings that resist corrosion while meeting the high sealing requirements.

Cometic Gasket Materials

The various materials in the CometicGasket products can withstand the strong shearing forces that the aluminum heads create on the cast iron blocks. The MLS gasket promotes the even distribution of torque load over the entire sealing surface. Once the gasket distributes the load evenly, it guarantees the maximum sealing capacity of the engine.

Aluminum Foam Material (AFM)

The aluminum foam material is the ideal gasket for a broad array of machined surfaces, especially when installed between two uneven surfaces. AFM consists of synthetic rubber blown over an aluminum surface to resist temperatures that exceed 2500F. These Cometic Gasket products don’t require extra silicone sealers.

Aramid Fiber

Aramid fiber is a high-density material that withstands high pressure, heavy loads, and temperature fluctuations. Like other Cometic products, aramid fiber is free of asbestos and does not require additional sealants. With aramid fiber, you do not have to incur the cost of aradite sealants.