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EFI Live

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) is the most common system today since it utilizes a computer program and special chips to inject fuel into your engine, making it more efficient. While injecting the fuel, the computer analyzes the sensors to identify any changes after every millisecond and make the necessary corrections. The EFI Live tuning products let any diesel enthusiast tune their ride to fit their lifestyle and needs.

EFI Live temperature chips are installed near the air filter to determine the temperature of the air. When the air temperature gets cold, the density increases, meaning that the fuel consumption will increase significantly. The computer reduces the pulse width to lower the density and reduce the fuel consumption.

The water temperature chips from EFI Live are instrumental when it comes to making the engine ignite and warm up properly. A cold engine requires a high air-to-fuel ratio to start well. The computer regulates the water temperatures to avoid the extreme low temperatures that can cause a vast array of ignition problems, especially during the winter season. When the water temperature rises above 120 degrees, the computer starts to reduce the temperatures to avoid overheating.

The pressure sensors in the manifold measure the changes in the exhaust system to manage the load in the exhaust system. The chips are vital when calculating the airflow and regulate the fuel consumption when the throttle is open. The EFI Live tuning products take advantage of the electronic innovations to address the imbalances that might crop up in your engine.