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Mag Hytec

By insisting on the mag hytec differential covers & transmission pans you can increase the performance of your engine significantly. The modern covers and pans are sand-cast with aluminum, giving adequate protection the delicate parts of your vehicle such as the transmission, differential, and the valves. The car owners can enjoy the longevity, solid construction, clean lines, better function, and a pleasing appearance. In addition, these specialists are proficient when it comes to manufacturing the water pumps, intake manifolds, and engine blocks.

Valve Covers

The manufacturers rely on the state-of-the-art sand-casting processes to create a vast array of durable engines and top covers that protect the delicate systems in your engine. The solid valve covers will ensure that the nozzles and fuel injectors cannot be damaged by anything. The outer surfaces are polished to give a shiny and metallic appearance that looks like new.

Protection against water damage

Water can seep into an engine during the rainy season. If the car splashed water into the block, some water drops can find their way into the engine. Such water can damage the electronic systems and stall your engine. In addition, when water mixes with the oil, the lubrication process can be compromised. The mag hytec differential covers & transmission pans are waterproof, meaning that they cannot allow water to damage the components of your engine.

By using the same dexterity to manufacture the differential covers & transmission pans, you can rely on their expertise to improve the performance and fuel economy of your ride.