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When tuning up and upgrading their cars for the ultimate performance, drivers focus on the exhaust system. However, when it comes to upgrading the exhaust system, bigger is not always better. The following tips can enable you to improve the exhaust system with a degree of success:

Focus on the manifold

Once the exhaust gases leave the cylinder head, they get into the manifold. It is critical to replace the heavy cast iron manifolds with lighter headers that are easy to repair and install. In the process, ensure that you increase the exhaust piping diameter and streamline the system to avoid the joints that can compromise the flow.

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter eliminates the toxins from the exhaust fumes by converting the carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water. With such technology, the air in the congested cities is cleansed, making it safe to breathe.


For safety reasons, it is advisable to reroute the mbrp products to eliminate the possibility of fumes coming into the driver’s cabin. In the quest to avoid the possibility of the exhaust fumes rising from underneath the car, the piping must support the dissolution of the toxic smoke.


The resonator helps in the elimination of the noise. Resonators allow the sound waves to cancel each other and eliminate the noise.


While the muffler can eliminate noise, it adds style and charm to your ride by redirecting the airflow. Mufflers create a whistling sound depending on the configuration of the mbrp products.