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Besides using the conventional brakes, a driver can also use the engine brake to stop a vehicle. The exhaust brakes are also instrumental when it comes to increasing the braking power in the diesel-powered vehicles. The exhaust brakes are efficient since they can stop a heavy commercial vehicle easily regardless of the weight and size. When slowing a vehicle, the engine brake can help to release the load on the conventional brakes, meaning that your vehicle’s brake will last long.

Exhaust brakes create pressure in the cylinders

This braking system blocks the exhaust and prevents the gases from leaving the exhaust system. When the exhaust gases build up in the engine, they cause immense pressure that translates into braking power. As the pressure increases, the backpressure builds up in the manifold, forcing the entire engine to work backwards. This virtual reverse power can slow down the vehicle considerably and is ideal when a loaded truck is moving downhill.

Benefits of pacbrake products

The exhaust brakes from packbrake come with the following benefits:

  • These pacbrake products can be used instead of the regular brakes, meaning that they will reduce the overall wear and tear while saving on maintenance.
  • The exhaust brakes can prevent the conventional brake pads and drums from overheating
  • The engine brakes can improve the overall safety by preventing a vehicle from going downhill too fast, especially after brake failure.
  • The pacbrake products have immense power that can prevent a loaded trailer from causing accidents.