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Power Up

Powerup products give the motorists the performance, peace of mind, and protection. The Powerup kits comes with a variety of additives and lubricants that lower the overall fuel costs while increasing the longevity, and the performance. The main reasons why drivers insist on these products include:

  • Significant improvement in the fuel efficiency
  • Considerable improvement in the horsepower
  • The ability to clean the fuel injectors and eliminate the deposits
  • Extension of the fuel injector and filter lifespan
  • Reduction in the harmful emissions
  • Reduction of the maintenance costs as well as the downtime
  • Eliminate the possibility of corrosion
  • Improvement in the energy efficiency
  • Avoid the possibility of engine failure
  • Emulsify the lubricants and reduce the friction

Power Up Additives

The Powerup products are engineered to improve the lubrication and guarantee that your engine operates optimally throughout its lifespan. Whatever the size of your engine, you need the lubricants that stand the test of time and the additives that maximize the power. The thixogrease is instrumental in the lubrication of joints to reduce wear and tear. The grease is also resistant to water damage, meaning that it cannot be washed away easily. The other additives include the combustion enhancer that gives you more miles per gallon as well as the injector cleaner that eliminates the sediments that can damage your pump. Blackout is one of the most common additives since it restores the lost horsepower by eliminating the sludge deposits in the system.

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