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One of the worst driver’s nightmares is stiction. Stiction is a situation whereby the oil coagulates with dust to become sticky. Fortunately, there are lots of oil additives that can help to keep your oil dust-free, avoid evaporation, and maintain the integrity of the lubricant. Rev-X is one of the best additives when it comes to winning the battle against stiction. In a case study on the Ford diesel engine, drivers realized that Rev-X is the best solution to eliminate the hard starts and misfires. By adding rev-x products to the diesel engine, you can enjoy a smooth ride, improve the durability of your engine, reduce wear and tear, and improve the overall fuel efficiency.

Protect your engine against dust

Stiction has been a major problem for the road construction crews that use the diesel engines on tractors, trucks, and pickups. When the dust finds its way into the engine, oil changes become frequent and uneconomical. In some cases, the contractors have had to use some costly systems to pressurize the fuel. Rev-x products offer a cost-effective solution when it comes to eliminating the stiction nightmare.

Reduce the pressure in the engine

The sticky oil changes its chemical nature and becomes a foamy liquid that increases the pressure within the engine. This extra pressure can be detrimental to the block, cylinder head, and engine at large. The best way to avoid the consequences of stiction is to protect your engine. Fortunately, rev-x products can fortify your engine against these threats.

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