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The onset of the reusable cotton gauze filters that eliminate dust and particles and prevent them from finding their way to the engine has added durability and longevity in the diesel engine. While the s&b filters products and cold air intakes were originally designed for the racing cars, they became quite popular in all vehicles because of their reliability. The s&b filters products are instrumental in the multiplication of power and torque. In retrospect, the cold air intakes have become indispensable in the development of custom cars, racing vehicles, and trucks.

S&B filters

S&B filters are special systems of air intake that eliminate the major bottlenecks and air flow restrictions in your engine. By upgrading you engine with the modern filters, you can enjoy high performance at no extra cost. The s&b filters products inhale the air and cause an explosion that results to the production of power and rotation of the crankshaft. The crankshaft rotates other parts of the engine through the timing belt. The filters are easy to install, and with the basic tools such as pliers and spanners, the process can take less than one hour.

The cold air intakes

The cold air intake helps in the production of power in the engine. Preventing the dust from getting into the oil keeps the lubrication at an optimum level while increasing the longevity of your engine. The cold air is rich in oxygen that supports the combustion process. The power is transferred through the transmission to the wheels.